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…. not sure how people are reacting to all the reblogs….

I’ve been thinking about playing more mass effect. I really want to do a let’s play, with a male shepard. But I really want to do a female shepard. I also want to start with mass effect 2, because I don’t like mass effect 1, but the story feels much more complete when you do all three! Ughhh. I just want to play Mass Effect again! It’s been an ENTIRE WEEK since I beat it for the first time and I’m ready for more. Should I do a let’s play? If so, male or female shepard?

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  1. tevinterbooty answered: You could download the Genesis DLC? If you don’t like the first game that much, I’d just do that, though it does feel like cheating :S
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  3. callmebeloved answered: Femshep, and can you not import an old ME1 save to start 2 with?
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